Angel Sommerville


Former special task military. After his term was served he moved to his patch of land and fell in love with a woman. The two were traveling when they were attacked by drunk active duty military personnel. Angel kills all of them. Brutally but in self defense. His military honor is stripped and he is sent to prison. Further more, his love leaves him shamed by what happened and shocked by his brutality.


After being released from prison he found his land and finances seized and his honor formally stricken. Needing a place to stay he checked in to the only place that would have him, a local hotel looking to make money off of a room no one else would rent. A room whose only 2 former tenants had committed suicide in. Needing to pay for the roof over his head he found himself doing the only kinds of jobs a dishonorable man could get. Losing himself slowly he considered himself lucky to receive a visit from another officer he served with. They had news from Luskan. A sheriff’s son needed help. Honorable work…

Angel Sommerville

Ashes Into Oaks Haf